Weight Loss Help:
What Should We Do to Lose Fat and Keep It Off?

Weight loss help is everywhere you look these days ...

From doctors' offices to supermarket checkout lines.

But despite being inundated with tips about how to count calories and improve our "lifestyles" to lose weight ...

We are collectively getting fatter and fatter and sicker and sicker.

What's going on? Are we ignoring good advice? Or could it be that the advice we have been getting is flawed?

Why Makes Weight Loss Happen?

The Caloric Balance Hypothesis Tells Us:

Eating Less Exercising More Weight Loss

The Lipophilia Hypothesis Tells Us:

Diets Low in Carbohydrates Regulated Insulin Levels Weight Loss

As we've discussed at length, the Caloric Balance Hypothesis, tells us that eating less and exercising more is the answer to weight loss. The Lipophilia Hypothesis says that calories are irrelevant. What matters is fat tissue regulation. When we mobilize more fat from our fat tissue than we deposit there, we will lose weight. The amount of calories we ingest/burn off will spontaneously decrease to accommodate the primary changes in the fat tissue.

So which theory is right? What does the evidence tell us? (Click on links below to find out)

1. Calorie restriction does not lead to weight loss over the long term.

2. Exercise does not lead to weight loss over the long term.

3. Weight loss may associate with a negative caloric balance, but that does not mean that calorie control necessarily causes weight loss.

4. Decreasing levels of the hormone insulin does lead to weight loss help, independent of changes to diet or exercise.


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